Monday, March 2, 2009

Evan Kohlmann

Evan Kohlmann made a career out of being an expert witness for the prosecution of terrorists during the Bush Administration.

Kohlmann is also affiliated with the NEFA (Nine Eleven, Finding Answers) Foundation, which has some interesting tax angles-the president, M. T. Hayes, is the former wife of David Draper, who provides over $300,000 a year of consulting services to the foundation!

Kohlmann’s expertise, or lack thereof, has come under scrutiny, and the results have resulted in the disqualification of his testimony.

Kohlmann does not speak Arabic. When questioned about this, he said that he was a “close colleague” of several Arabic-speaking academics, such as Dr. Mohammed Hafez of the University of Kansas City. Dr. Hafez, questioned about this, replied with an affidavit stating that this was not true, his contact with Kohlmann had been limited to a few emails.

Kohlmann has never had an article published in a peer reviewed journal. A great deal of his testimony is sensational, filled with images of explosions and Osama bin Laden. He seems to have done a good job of providing neocon propaganda, but, at present his future seems uncertain at best. He does hold a law degree. Maybe he and Alberto Gonzales could open an office together?

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