Saturday, March 7, 2009

Andrew Langer

Andrew Langer, like some other prominent neocons, has been affiliated with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Langer has gone to some lengths to defend the "junk science" babbling of CEI's John Berlau.

Langer left CEI for the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

From there, he has gone on to establish his own neocon "think tank" the oddly named Institute for Liberty (IFL). It is well known that the neocons are opponents of liberty!

Langer ran for office in Maryland and lost.

Langer supported Rudy Giuliani, but when Giuiliani's one word campaign "9-11" wore thin, Langer shifted his support to John McCain.

Langer was fascinated with McCain's poor choice of a running mate, Sarah Palin, and fawned over her.

Langer is a skilled gourmet cook. As such, he should be able to instruct Berlau as to what happens when items are heated!

We think he should stick to that and learn to accept things the way they are. The neocons had their eight year reign of terror, that is over now, hopefully never to return!

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